Sustainable Solutionz

Sustainable Solutionz

Sustainable Solutionz is leading the way in transforming the flexographic printing industry with its innovative renewable and recyclable processes. We offer eco-friendly alternatives by replacing PVC corrugated plate mounts. Concurrently our vision is to develop wood replacement products that contain significant recycled printing plates. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology and eco-conscious practices aims to reduce environmental impact while delivering exceptional, eco-friendly solutions.

Sustainable Solutionz leads the way in introducing a ground-breaking PVC solution to the market, with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. We have developed an innovative alternative to traditional PVC that offers numerous benefits.

Our sustainable PVC solution is not only cost-effective but also maintains the same high-performance and durability as traditional PVC, enabling businesses to adopt sustainable practices without financial constraints. By utilizing this alternative material, we significantly reduce reliance on non-renewable resources, lower carbon emissions, and minimize the ecological impact associated with PVC production and disposal.

Helping divert PVC waste from landfills, mitigating the environmental challenges posed by the slow decomposition of traditional PVC.

Our sustainable PVC solution offers businesses the opportunity to lower costs while actively contributing to the protection of the environment, preservation of valuable resources, and reduction of environmental harm.


A majority of 250 plates are mounted on PVC carriers. This is creating waste stream issues when disposing of obsolete plates and mounts.

Expired Flexographic

Over 20 MM lbs per/year of expired flexographic print plates and mounting substrates industry-wide go into the waste stream for incineration or landfill.


PVC poses its own disposal issues from handling to long decomposition timelines in landfills.

“The only constant in life is change”

  • We are committed to 100% sustainability.

  • Eliminating adhesive and between foam and PET substrate.

  • Embracing and eliminating use of PVC


As We Move Forward:

Environmentally responsible trade shop partners and corrugated manufacturer’s collaboratively support elimination of PVC and increase the availability of sustainable products.